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Clothing Voucher Protocol

New Rates:

Ages 0-4: $180.00

Ages 5-12: $240.00

Ages 13 – 17: $300.00

  • The Placement Social Worker will check with the petitioning SW or SW I to see if a child entering custody needs a clothing voucher. Sometimes children have plenty of clothing and the additional funds are not needed. The initial order can be requested by the SW and no additional approvals are needed.
  • No clothing vouchers will be issued for children in therapeutic foster home placements, any level of group homes or children receiving BCHHS specialized / medical rate who have been living in the GH for over 6 months after the initial allotment.
  • Children in PRTF’s can receive a voucher near the child’s discharge date; receipts are required prior to the check being issued. Reimbursement is only up to the amounts determined by the child’s age listed above or the receipts the lesser of the two amounts.
  • Children placed in non-paid kinship / court sanctioned placements will receive clothing vouchers twice a year in March and August as long as the kinship providers are not receiving any type of social security funds over the SBR for the child.
  • Vouchers can be approved for children who have moved to a new placement after the SW has discussed with their SWS and SWS has reviewed with placement SWS. If approved it will be sent to PSWs from the placement SWS for processing.
    • If the child is approved for additional funds and is living in a group home an email will be sent to the GH explaining how much the child is eligible for based on the rates above and that the GH has to provide receipts in order to be reimbursed. BCHHS will only reimburse up to the amount of the receipts which are received if it is less than the eligible rate or the eligible rate whichever is less.
  • In order to provide a clothing voucher to a biological parent during a trial home placement, prior Program Manager’s approval is required.
  • Children placed in BCHHS foster homes will not receive any further clothing orders after the initial order if the monthly rates have increased. BCHHS foster homes will also no longer receive respite checks. This rate increase includes the twice a year clothing vouchers and current respite funds FPs have been able to request.
    • Age 0-5 would increase to $530.00 from the standard board rate of $475.00
    • Age 6-12 would increase to $646.00 from the standard board rate of $581.00
    • Age 13+ would increase to $709.00 from the standard board rate of $634.00
  • It is critical for the assigned Permanency Planning Social Worker and Licensing Social Worker to ensure children on their caseload have adequate clothing at all times. Ultimately, placement providers are responsible for ensuring the basic needs of children in their care are met at all times and it is the responsibility of DHHS to provide oversight to ensure no child goes without basic clothing.

Updated 4/19/17/ To be implemented beginning FY’17/18


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